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Welcome to the Pyrocene Era

In today's edition of This Week in Climate, we look at how human-influenced fire activity is shaping our world.
Abigail Bassett
Aug 31, 2023 10 min read
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The world is on fire. With thousands of wildfires burning across the globe, many have begun to speculate that we are entering a Pyrocene Era–an era when fires are so large, so hot, and so strong that they impact the earth's climate systems..

Entering an age of fire seems remarkably accurate, especially as clean-up in Hawaii begins after one of the deadliest wildfires in US history killed nearly 100 people and has left almost 400 missing, and as more than 20,000 people flee Yellowknife as a result of the massive wildfires in Canada, which turned the skies in New York City orange earlier this summer.

The rise in frequency of massive wildfires like those that tore apart Spain, Portugal, Romania, and Australia over the last few years has begun to raise alarm bells amongst climate scientists, global leaders, and firefighters. As climate change takes hold, scientists believe that these deadly wildfires will worsen, but the question of whether humankind will be prepared to handle and manage this Pyrocene era safely still remains.

The Science Behind the "Fire Era"

It's not just that the news has picked up on the increase in global fires; there has been a significant uptick in the number of massive wildfires all over the world as a result of global warming and climate change.

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recently released a report that showed that greenhouse gas emissions and the resulting warming have “led to an increased frequency and/or intensity of some weather and climate extremes," resulting in wildfires.

In addition to this, a 2021 study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences argued that climate change was the main contributor to fire weather in the Western U.S. Most recently, World Weather Attribution, a collection of climate scientists who quantify how climate change influences the intensity and likelihood of an extreme weather event, showed that the fires in Canada alone were more than twice as likely to occur as a direct result of climate change.

Smoke and fire sciences are still in their early days, and both the public and government’s understanding of wildfire management needs to improve along with them. While the West Coast of the US has long dealt with fires, everything from building practices and how we manage resources like water, to our collective "risk blindness", have contributed to the onset of the Pyrocene.

What Exactly is the Pyrocene Era?

The Pyrocene era is a term that has been proposed to describe a new geological epoch characterized by the global influence of human-caused fire activity on the globe. It’s been bandied about by everyone from the Washington Post and The Atlantic, and it was coined by the emeritus professor and wildfire expert Stephen J. Pyne.

At the heart of it is the idea that human influence, particularly through the use of fire, has become a dominant force shaping the planet, similar to how post-glacial climatic and environmental changes defined the Holocene epoch.

The concept of the Pyrocene highlights the increasing frequency and intensity of wildfires around the world, driven by a combination of climate change, land-use changes, and direct human ignition. It underscores the idea that humans have become a geological force in their own right, with fire as one of the primary tools shaping the planet's ecosystems and atmosphere.

Can We Escape the Pyrocene?

As NASA points out, some wildfires are natural, though many of the enormous conflagrations are started by humans. Most climate scientists believe that reducing greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere and finding ways to slow the heating of the planet are long-term solutions to reducing the number of damaging wildfires around the world.

There are ways to responsibly manage everything from the tinder of dry grasslands and the underbrush of dense forests, as well as improve water and building practices to slow down the advent of the Pyrocene. There are also plenty of climate tech companies working to reduce the frequency and damage of wildfires and advance our own understanding of the intersection of climate, fire, and human elements.

Six Companies Working to Fight Wildfire

While the stats seem dire, there’s always something more to do, especially in climate tech. Here are six companies working to combat wildfire by leveraging everything from Machine Learning and AI to advanced imaging and fire-fighting tech.


Gridware is a Bay Area-based company focused on providing real-time monitoring of the American power grid to detect and predict failures that can cause wildfires. The company has the backing of several VCs, including True Ventures, Fifty Years, and Y-Combinator (with the support of the California Energy Commission).


Overstory is a Netherlands-based, early-stage startup that is focused on real-time tracking of the planet’s vegetation. The company is currently using machine learning to analyze satellite imagery to track forests and vegetation, with the aim of helping to reduce the risk of wildfires and power outages. They currently have a number of remote-based job openings.


Pano is a San Francisco-area-based company that provides a connected, intelligent platform for fire professionals to help detect threats, confirm fires, and disseminate information to first responders as quickly as possible. The company integrates ultra-high-definition cameras, geo satellite data, field sensors, legacy cameras, emergency alerts, and other data feeds to give firefighters a clearer picture of the size, location, and accessibility of a fire.

EarthForce Technologies

EarthForce is an early-stage company that is working to create management software to enable scalable solutions for vegetation and forest management. The company says it's taking a ground-up approach to deal with the increased risk and damage of wildfire and identify areas in forest management that are prime for innovation.


Flash Forest is a Canada-based reforestation company that uses aerial mapping software, drone technology, pneumatics, automation, and ecological science to quickly reforest post-harvest and post-wildfire areas.

Mast Reforestation

Mast Reforestation is another reforestation company that’s working to make recovery after a wildfire more scalable. The company has developed a “Fire Plug” seedling, which is hardier and can grow better in a post-fire landscape where the soil is frequently devoid of nutrients and the soil is less stable.

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Excess Materials Exchange

“The Excess Materials Exchange (EME) is a digital platform that facilitates the exchange of excess materials and waste between companies to promote a circular economy. Leveraging advanced technologies like AI and machine learning for optimized material matching, blockchain for transparent and traceable transactions, and IoT for real-time monitoring and logistics, EME aims to reduce waste, minimize environmental impact, and create ...”

  • Cost Controller (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Great Plains Institute

“A nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, the Great Plains Institute is transforming the energy system to benefit the economy and environment. We work on solutions that strengthen communities and provide greater economic opportunity through creation of higher paying jobs, expansion of the nation’s industrial base, and greater domestic energy independence while eliminating carbon emissions. GPI’s goals for transforming the energy system are to - increase ...”

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  • Energy Systems Program Manager/Senior Program Manager (Remote (Minneapolis, MN, USA))
  • Writing and Research Specialist, Energy Systems (Remote (Minneapolis, MN, USA))
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  • Public Policy Manager (Remote (Washington D.C., DC, USA))

Aigen - Robotics

“We are on a mission to regenerate soil at a planetary scale—automated terraforming, with a solar powered robotics platform. Planetary recovery through the soil - More than 50% of our soils are degraded—by chemicals and soil management practices that undercut carbon sequestration potential. At Aigen, we are restoring our planet's health, through the land and our soils with an affordable, precision ...”

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  • Open Call - Robotics Development (Kirkland, WA) GmbH

“VIDA is an impact-driven startup enabling companies to track their impact across thousands or even millions of locations. With our diverse team of 30 colleagues from more than 15 nationalities, we are passionate about making a positive difference in the world. ...”

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“We are a company driven by a passion to combat climate change by revolutionizing archaic aspects of the global financial system. Our mission is to create a new era of environmental consciousness and action through the introduction of Tocos, a groundbreaking carbon currency. Tocos represents one tonne of carbon dioxide that has been removed from the atmosphere, giving individuals ...”

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“Gridium’s mission is to hasten the transition to a low-carbon economy. Our software helps people run commercial buildings better, at lower cost and with less energy. Gridium is looking for a backend engineer to help us bring deep efficiency to the built environment, which is responsible for 40% of the world’s energy use. Gridium is a venture-backed SaaS application provider with ...”

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  • National Account Executive (Remote (United States))


“Voltpost transforms lampposts into a modular electric vehicle charging station platform. Mission Voltpost decarbonizes mobility by democratizing charging access. We reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution by rapidly deploying chargers that accelerate the electric mobility transition. Our goal is to empower people and communities to take climate action. Vision Voltpost aims to be a transformative force in the climate movement by making charging ...”

  • Senior Policy, Grants Manager (New York, NY, United States)
  • Technical Product Manager (San Francisco, CA, United States)
  • Senior Hardware Engineer (San Francisco, CA, United States)
  • Senior Embedded Firmware Engineer (San Francisco, CA, United States)

International Biochar Initiative

“The International Biochar Initiative (IBI) is a global platform for fostering stakeholder collaboration, good industry practices, and environmental and ethical standards to support biochar systems that are safe and economically viable. With over 600 members based in 63 countries, IBI members include carbon markets, biochar producers, biochar users, technology innovators, researchers, and other non-profit organizations. ...”

  • Biochar Education Manager (Remote)


“Founded by entrepreneurs who want to help others put the planet first, Sustain.Life exists to help jumpstart the sustainability journey for other companies and businesses. Whether you’re just beginning your sustainability journey, consolidating employee-led sustainability efforts, or launching a new strategic initiative, Sustain.Life is your partner for every step of your sustainability journey. We provide the resources you need to do ...”

  • Sustainability Director (Remote (Remote - USA))
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Solar Landscape

“Based in Asbury Park, Solar Landscape is a leading full-service provider of community solar and solar energy solutions for the commercial/industrial, municipal, public school and non-profit marketplaces. The company employs more than 130 people and has more than 200 megawatts of solar energy projects completed or under construction. The company owns and operates one of the largest portfolios of community solar ...”

  • Grants Administrator (Asbury Park, NJ, USA)
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Impulse Labs

“About Us: We’re Impulse . We’re a team of engineers, designers, and innovators based in San Francisco who believe making good decisions for your home and the environment should not come at a cost to your lifestyle. We’re dedicated to building delightful, high-performance products for everyday needs that enable rewarding, long-term, scalable solutions for whole-home electrification. We're looking for individuals excited to ...”

  • Hardware Engineer (Power Electronics) (San Francisco)
  • Firmware Engineer (San Francisco)
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OPEN Technologies

“The built environment contributes roughly 40% of annual global emissions. Around the world, governments, utilities, capital providers, and portfolio managers are transforming the market forces that shape our cities. OPEN’s data and software tools help them to make pro-climate decisions with confidence, by providing actionable insights on the best pathways to achieve energy and carbon savings from buildings. Our Products OPEN’s most ...”

  • UX/UI Designer (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
  • Senior Fullstack Developer (Backend Focus) (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
  • Senior Fullstack Developer (Frontend Focus) (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Sesame Solar Inc

“Sesame Solar is decarbonizing disaster response. We design and make Mobile Nanogrids powered by solar, green hydrogen, (optional small wind turbines) and battery storage with Essential Services Inside such as communications, clean water, refrigeration, medical assistance and more. Designed to be towed by electric trucks, Sesame Nanogrids have EV charging on board to provide a 100% fossil-fuel free Solution for extreme ...”

  • Plant Manager (Jackson, MI, USA)
  • Sales Manager Western Region (Remote)

My Green Lab

“My Green Lab is fundamentally and permanently improving the sustainability of scientific research. As a non-profit organization, we were formed to unify and lead scientists, vendors, designers, energy providers, and others in a common drive toward a world in which all research reflects the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility. Run “for scientists, by scientists,” we leverage our credibility ...”

  • Market Development Representative (Remote (North America))

Chloris Geospatial

“The global economy urgently needs to transition to new models of operation that remove carbon from the atmosphere and preserve and restore natural capital. Chloris Geospatial is an early-stage company developing technology that will transform the way businesses and governments use data about the environment to guide their investment and carbon management decisions. We use satellite data and artificial intelligence to ...”

  • Forest Carbon Manager (Remote)
  • Software Engineer (Full Stack) (Boston, MA, USA)


“Carbon180 is a new breed of climate-focused NGO on a mission to fundamentally rethink carbon. We know that our climate goals can only be met by rapidly reducing emissions and removing the carbon that already exists in our atmosphere. The good news? Carbon is much more than mere waste. We work at the intersection of science, business, and policy to ...”

  • Managing Communications Associate, Creative (Remote)


“Camus Energy provides an open-source grid management platform for distribution operators enabling them to understand and manage their systems in real-time. We provide monitoring and near-term predictive state, operational control of distribution resources, and real-time pricing or price incentives for extended control of behind the meter resources. Camus Energy was founded in 2019 in the San Francisco Bay area. We have ...”

  • Business Development Manager (Remote (Remote , Eastern United States preferred))

Yard Stick PBC

“Yard Stick is a remote-first climate tech startup with founders based in Boston, MA and Oakland, CA. We are on a mission to reverse climate change with agriculture. Scientists and farmers alike know that climate-friendly agricultural practices have the potential to remove atmospheric CO2 at gigaton/year scale. When these practices are adopted, more carbon is stored in soils, improving soil ...”

  • Mechanical Engineer (Oakland, CA, USA)

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